A Lunchbreak That Remains a Lifetime

There’re some things in life which stay in our hearts forever. They may not mean so much for others. But for us it’ll always remain close to our hearts.

One such day in my life was at the age of six.

My UKG classroom.

Every class has got a ‘Don’ and many followers. My class wasn’t an exception, but I was! – neither the follower types, nor bossy. Leave me to myself; I’ll not interfere or come your way. That was and is my policy.
(Except in certain cases where some of them have taken huge risks and become my friends – closest ones I mean. Must say, very courageous 😀 )

So, we had a Don (A ‘Doness’ rather if you know what I mean) who had many followers at her command. If she commanded to ‘put set out’ (A term used to mean you won’t talk to a person) to somebody, all in the class invariably did (I wondered and still wonder why! Maybe they never were so ‘thinky thinky’  like me 😛 ). I too did at times and sometimes  I didn’t.

Normally, our class teacher (Whom we call Miss) used to sit with us in the class during lunch time and have food. One such day all of us were having our lunch when someone asked her;
“Miss Miss! Who is the best student in class?”
( ‘Miss Miss’ used to be the beginning of every sentence when we spoke to Miss. It was like, ‘Miss Miss water!’, ‘Miss Miss Toilet!’ etc).

Miss (Forcing the food down her throat): All of you are the best.

Someone: Miss Miss! Noo… who is the best. We want one name.

Miss: Ok who do YOU think it is?

Class: (Aha! Time to please the Don. All in chorus including Me) Don! Don! Don!

I said Don’s name not to please her, but because all will say so and as a kid I used to think “If all said so, it must be so”.

Miss nodded her head from left to right and right to left meaning to say No.

Class was baffled. How could that be? Don is supposed to be the best. But since miss said No, that’s it.

Someone gave the next Dons’ names [The 1st Don’s assistant(s)] and all got the same reply. The class began throwing random names. All were rejected.

Since I had no idea who it was, I kept concentrating on the war between myself and my food. 😀

At some point of time (after a long list of names, noises and chaos) someone said my name along with many other random names when Miss pointed at that child and nodded her head meaning ‘You said it’.

All began shouting

‘Who? Who? Who?’ And so did I look up from my food. Finally I was about to know who the best student was.
To my utter disbelief she was casually chewing her food, pointing at me and smiling.
I heard vague murmurs of my name but didn’t know what they said. I was blank- oblivious to everything else around me. That moment when she said I was the best student meant a lot to me.

Being an introvert, the impact was huge. Every time I revisit that memory, it gives the same happiness like that day.

It was just another day at school for all, just another lunch time, just another comment.
It was just another UKG class for my Miss, just another best student in the class.

For someone as simple as me it was a magical moment.
Those classes have been demolished and we’ve a basketball ground in its place now. But that classroom, the arrangement, the lunchtime, the heat, the noise, my sitting position in class, and my class teacher’s face still remain etched in my heart.

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