To The Knight Who Has Lost His Way

Dear Knight who has lost his way,

Now that you – The Knight in Shining Armour – have fallen off your horse, lost your armour and broken your leg, it is up to me to find you. And honestly, you don’t need the horse or the shining armour. You are my knight no matter what. While I am on the hunt for the Knight who has lost his way, I thought of leaving some trails here so that you will know it is me, when you come across this blog. You will know it for sure. And when you do, here is the final chance to escape or stay. Read what follows next and decide.

  • Promise me a Diamond Ring – When you find me, and decide to confess your Love, ensure that you approach me with the right souvenir. There wouldn’t be a better way to express your love to me. Get me the most Purplest flower you could find. What diamond rings are for others, Purple is for me.



  • Promise me an Expensive Date – Candlelight dinner, expensive restaurant, fine music and finer wine, I like them all. But, I need more than that. Yes! I am greedy that way. Promise to get the most expensive evening reserved for me by sitting beside me somewhere secluded, looking into my eyes and pouring your heart out. Your time is the most precious and entertaining gift that I could ever get. THAT is the most expensive date for me.
  • Read me Poems like the characters in books do – Come on! You can change that bit of you right? You may not like reading poems. But you can choose some and read them for me like the sophisticated literary characters.
    My favorite poems are the words that you speak. They need not rhyme, they need not be garnished with ornamental words and poetic parfaits. I’d like them seasoned with your love and topped with your earnestness. Simple words from you are deeper and more meaningful than poems.
  • Promise me A Long Vacation to my Favorite Places – Definitely, flight trips, expensive restaurants and resorts and super awesome adventure activities! The best flight trip would be a walk with you or a ride on your bike. The most expensive restaurant would be where we’d first meet, and then meet again and again where a haven of memories will be made. Those resorts which will be our hangouts now and forever, each of the places having vivid memories and moments.
  • Promise me Lots of Gifts – Um… if you’d be interested, I have a way with things. In the sense, I am prone to accidents and breaking or dropping things. Hence I might need a copy of everything around us. (Sheesh! Not you :P) But the breakable stuff, you know? So that we’ll have a substitute in case my talents of being accident prone  begin to show.
  • Promise me yourself – If you have found me, and if you think you could manage all the tantrums, greed, selfishness and the entire capital expenditure, promise me yourself. I repeat, I don’t need the knight in shining armour. Many search for him and many find him. I want this knight who has lost his way. That is how we are compatible. Lost you and messy me!


The Accidental Lady.


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