Awaken Your Force this New Year

All the star wars fans must be exhilarated about the HP Starwars special edition Notebook.The moment I saw it, the tag-line of the old Onida TV came into my mind; Neighbour’s envy. Owner’s pride.



You can see for yourself the design that would make your eyes glow and those horns atop your head pop out! If you are someone brimming with creativity, #AwakenYourForce of creativity! Qwning this would suffice to take your creativity another step forward. I loved the fact that it is as sleek as sleek can be and the keyboard. Ohh the keyboard glows a deep red due to its back-light and man! It looks pure evil. Erm… in a nice sort of way. 😉

This isn’t all. When you switch on the notebook, you will notice that the icons, wallpapers, sounds etc take after the Star Wars theme. For instance, I was thoroughly entertained by the fact that, the icon for recycle bin is the Death Star. It is all so well thought of that, even the features would inspire you.

The moment I came across the special edition notebook, what came into my mind was that New Year was around the corner. I’m sure you are wondering how the two are connected. New Year means party! Party means planning. The idea of the Star wars notebook ignited the idea of a treasure hunt. Yes! The entire party could be planned using this little genius. This is how it is going to be:

1. Invitation: You don’t need the notebook to list out the invitees. But you need him to print the invitation. We could take it one step forward by printing it in Aurebesh, but let us admit it. We want people to turn up. 😉 So, we could write out the words using the lines from Star Wars and to quote them right, is where my notebook will come in handy. After a bit of effort, we will end it with a triumphant, ‘May the force be with you.’ Tadaa! The invitations are ready.

2. Listing all the Star Wars accessories: We need the decorations and lighting to be just perfect. Also, all the accessories from the light saber, jedi robes to the Death Star MUST be there. What is a themed party without them all. Lest we miss any of the items, we could do our research and ensure that everything has been listed out.

Also, we could research on the most economical and easiest way to acquire all the stuff.

3. Music: Thankfully, the notebook comes with sound files of Star Wars and hence we could choose the appropriate music for the party, games, events and also the special moments. Play them as they are or remix them add a spicy twist to them and entertain your guests.

4. Treasure Hunt: Here comes the exciting part. We need to prepare a map of the house or the party hall the hunt will be conducted in. We then decide the places to hide the treasure and the clues leading to it. These places should be marked on the map so that we have a control over where each of the items are.

5. The Cameras to track: Taking it one step further, if the party is really huge and the hunt is very complicated, we could install camera in the places where the clues are kept and monitor them from the notebook. This would give us a control over the series of events and ensure that the clues are found in the right order with no interruptions or frauds.

6. Food: The food shouldn’t seem out of theme either. Find the right dishes, design them well, list out the ingredients and ensure that they are all available. We could do all this in our Star Wars notebook and then, take the next steps to acquire or prepare them.

This will be a phenomenal party the city has ever seen. Once the party comes to an end, I will be known as the Party Queen for hosting the best party ever and my notebook will be my accomplice forever.