Awaken Your Force this New Year

All the star wars fans must be exhilarated about the HP Starwars special edition Notebook.The moment I saw it, the tag-line of the old Onida TV came into my mind; Neighbour’s envy. Owner’s pride.



You can see for yourself the design that would make your eyes glow and those horns atop your head pop out! If you are someone brimming with creativity, #AwakenYourForce of creativity! Qwning this would suffice to take your creativity another step forward. I loved the fact that it is as sleek as sleek can be and the keyboard. Ohh the keyboard glows a deep red due to its back-light and man! It looks pure evil. Erm… in a nice sort of way. 😉

This isn’t all. When you switch on the notebook, you will notice that the icons, wallpapers, sounds etc take after the Star Wars theme. For instance, I was thoroughly entertained by the fact that, the icon for recycle bin is the Death Star. It is all so well thought of that, even the features would inspire you.

The moment I came across the special edition notebook, what came into my mind was that New Year was around the corner. I’m sure you are wondering how the two are connected. New Year means party! Party means planning. The idea of the Star wars notebook ignited the idea of a treasure hunt. Yes! The entire party could be planned using this little genius. This is how it is going to be:

1. Invitation: You don’t need the notebook to list out the invitees. But you need him to print the invitation. We could take it one step forward by printing it in Aurebesh, but let us admit it. We want people to turn up. 😉 So, we could write out the words using the lines from Star Wars and to quote them right, is where my notebook will come in handy. After a bit of effort, we will end it with a triumphant, ‘May the force be with you.’ Tadaa! The invitations are ready.

2. Listing all the Star Wars accessories: We need the decorations and lighting to be just perfect. Also, all the accessories from the light saber, jedi robes to the Death Star MUST be there. What is a themed party without them all. Lest we miss any of the items, we could do our research and ensure that everything has been listed out.

Also, we could research on the most economical and easiest way to acquire all the stuff.

3. Music: Thankfully, the notebook comes with sound files of Star Wars and hence we could choose the appropriate music for the party, games, events and also the special moments. Play them as they are or remix them add a spicy twist to them and entertain your guests.

4. Treasure Hunt: Here comes the exciting part. We need to prepare a map of the house or the party hall the hunt will be conducted in. We then decide the places to hide the treasure and the clues leading to it. These places should be marked on the map so that we have a control over where each of the items are.

5. The Cameras to track: Taking it one step further, if the party is really huge and the hunt is very complicated, we could install camera in the places where the clues are kept and monitor them from the notebook. This would give us a control over the series of events and ensure that the clues are found in the right order with no interruptions or frauds.

6. Food: The food shouldn’t seem out of theme either. Find the right dishes, design them well, list out the ingredients and ensure that they are all available. We could do all this in our Star Wars notebook and then, take the next steps to acquire or prepare them.

This will be a phenomenal party the city has ever seen. Once the party comes to an end, I will be known as the Party Queen for hosting the best party ever and my notebook will be my accomplice forever.



Keep Your Bundle of Joy Joyful

Many of you must have noticed that your newly born bundle of joy was super soft initially, but the softness has been fading with time. Some children not only become less soft, but they might also develop rashes, extremely dry or oily skin conditions. Is there anything to wonder about it? Your champ has been swimming in some protective and moisturizing solution for 9 months and that has been keeping his/her skin soft. Once the child leaves the womb, the lack of the solution named vernix reduces the softness.

Now, we cannot simply stop trying from keeping our champ’s skin supple right? Here are some of the things you could try to keep your baby’s skin soft and silky:

  1. Consult the physician –  Before using any unfamiliar product on your child’s skin – even if they are protein-rich oils – consult your physician. The baby’s skin is in a developing stage and some products may return harsh results. Hence, always ensure that you get the doctor’s advice before using any product. In those moments when you ought to use something, ensure that they are meant for babies and contain no harmful substances like fragrance. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.
  2. Massage your baby – If you have understood the first point, after the necessary enquiry, use the right oil that suits your baby’s skin and massage. Giving a massage after a bath is most recommended since it is already hydrated and it locks in the moisturizer, leaving the skin soft for a longer time.
  3. Mamma! Sun hurts me – No! The baby cannot say that to you. And, No! No! No! Sunscreen is not advisable. Ensure that you keep your bundle of joy in a bundle itself. Meaning, keep him/her wrapped up and ensure that you don’t expose him/her to the sun.
  4. Clothing – The material of the cloth, the type of outfit (you cannot fit them into anything complicated when they are just born), the way they are cleaned, changing clothes within a reasonable time, using cloth pieces that give ample air circulation, ensuring that the detergent does not remain in the clothes etc would go a long way in keeping your champ’s skin soft.
  5. Protect your child from Diaper Rash – Most of the parents face this problem. Since the baby’s skin is too delicate, the diaper’s material and the unwanted moisture could easily cause rashes. One must take special care while choosing diapers by following some simple procedures;
  •  Checking the stuff out of which diapers are being made.
  • Ensuring that the diaper you choose belong to authorized brands. Never settle for low quality diapers.
  • Enquiring with other parents. There is nothing like experience. Communicate with other parents who have had children just before you. I emphasize on the time-frame because, products may not always maintain their quality. Diaper companies that were too good 2 years back may not be of good quality now.
  • Change the diapers frequently. I repeat. Change the diaper frequently. No matter how good the quality is, using the same diaper for a long period of time is never good for the child. Their skin is too delicate, remember?

These days, we get lots of information from the internet and we need to use our discrimination to identify what could be believed. No research or inquiry is less. The more we try to learn, the more we can be sure of the things we do. When it is about babies, we have the limitation of communication. They cannot let us know what is happening to them. Hence, we should always double check on the things we do for them or use on them. As I said earlier, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Some Worthy Buy I Made Online

My internet shopping finally paid off and I am the proud owner of some beautiful clothes.I thought I would share some details about the clothes I recently bought. I am dusky and hence I choose colors that most of the people could pull off. Hence, I am sure you would love my collection. 🙂

Besiva Plain Black Net Sleeve Dress – I am sure you all would have stalked this beauty online. Who doesn’t love Black? Who doesn’t love nets? I stalked this one for a very long time and finally bought this dress. I must say that it is worth the money. Firstly, for the quality. They have interlocked every possible stitches. The material is super-stretchable and so holds onto your body snugly.
Secondly, for the fact that it is black, stretchable, it has got net sleeves and just about suits everyone. Black is universal. Or, as Nina Simone sang, Black is the color of my true love’s hair.
If you have been going back and forth between buying this and nor buying this, go for it. I will give you the size specifications too. If you are really slim with a bust size of 32, size XS will fit you. For a bust size of 34, size S and you can approximate it further.

Besiva Plain Black net sleeve dress. Click image to buy.

Site: Limeroad
Price: Rs.799
To visit site, click HERE and type ‘Plain Black Dress with net sleeve’ in the search box.
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Gritstones High Neck Maroon Top – The brand Gritstones is gaining popularity day by day. I wouldn’t call this maroon. But dark red. It is a color that anyone could pull off and I have been wanting a turtle neck, long sleeve top which is not black (since I have too many blacks already). That was when I came across this classic color. Gritstones clothes are made with a high degree of craftsmanship.

It just enhances your curves and brings the beauty in you. Plus, it keeps you cozy.

Maroon high neck top

Site: Limeroad
Size details: As stated above, if you are thin with bust size 34, size M is what you would want.
For bust size 32, size S. And so on. I couldn’t concur with the sizes given in the site.
Price: Rs. 499
To visit site, click HERE and type ‘Gritstones High Neck Maroon top’
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Do let me know about what are your likes and dislikes when it comes to online shopping. what was the best steal deal you got? 🙂

PS – If there are any sizing issues, you can always return the products or get another size in exchange. Please read the respective site’s return policies. 🙂

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My 5 Mantras to De-stress

Here I am after a day worth of studies, attending to my blog. Most of you would accept that blogging is a way of de-stressing. It is always so for me.


Stress has become an important part of our lives. I mean, if one is not stressed, he/she is stagnant in life or he/she is a yogi. From school going children to old people, all are stressed. Meditating is not a universal solution. People are looking for methods of de-stressing without wasting much time. I am that kind of a person, and so, here is how I de-stress.

  1. Deep Breathing – No. You don’t have to keep any time aside for this. It is said that our life span is based on the number of breaths we take. The longer the breathing, the longer we live.Have you noticed that you take deep breathes when you are happy and faster, short breaths when you are sad, angry, down or in any negative state of mind?If you are at office and feel stressed, continue working. Continue your breathing too, but with longer, deeper breaths. Do it at least up to 20 counts or as long as you can. Since 90% of our body consists of air, this really helps you de-stress. This is my first resort when I’m stressed. You may use this even when you’re upset or angry or tensed. 🙂
  2. Listening to Music – It is well known that music as healing powers. It also has soothing powers. I study a lot since I’m doing CA. Some times I get so tensed and stressed out that I find myself unable to focus. My head gets buzzing with lots of thoughts, my fears, what ifs, whys, and hows and my head gets all heated up. One such time, I decided to listen to a song. Since my phone is loaded with melodies, I played one among them and trust me! By the end of the song, I was automatically taking deep breaths.You need not listen to meditative music. Just take out your playlist and play any of the songs you like. Not songs that remind you of sad things. I say this because I have songs that trigger sad memories. So, keep them aside and listen to any other. You will know what I mean.
  3. Watching Sitcoms/Movies – Another easy way to de-stress. I would give preference to sitcoms because, a single episode takes just 20 minutes. Within this time, you would definitely be de-stressed. I watch them all the time, even now, whenever I feel stressed. For those who haven’t tried them, watch Friends or HIMYM for starters. For those who have tried them, let me know if you find anything as good as those ever again. :PJokes apart, there are plenty of Sitcoms available. And every friends circle has the ‘sitcom genius’. Just find your sitcom genius and ask him/her which would be the de-stressing sitcom that you could watch. For those who don’t like sitcom, go for not-so-serious movies. 🙂
  4. Move Your Body – I would have named this point as ‘Exercise’. But, I didn’t want you to click the ‘x’ button on the top right corner. Because, taking 20 push-ups and 30 crunches!? No! That isn’t what I’m talking about.
    If you’re a little bit exercise friendly, jogging in the room, doing slight rhythmic movements, aerobics etc is what I meant. Just let yourself loose.
    If you’re not exercise friendly, just close the doors, play a song and move. You need not know how to dance. Just flail your arms and try things with your legs. A few tumkas and jhatkas. You have no idea how free you feel seeing yourself loosen up before the mirror. I do all kinds of crazy stuff before the mirror and soon find myself laughing away. 😉
    Show your crazy side to yourself. You will feel good and of course! de-stressed.
  5. Travel – There is nothing like a cool breeze on the face, kissing your cheeks and caressing your hair. Sometimes, I get out of my home sad and depressed. But once I’m on my bike, I feel better. The soaring feeling takes away all the blue. To top it all, if you know a naturally beautiful place like a wood, hill, field or  a riverside nearby, just go there, sit for a while and spend some time with the nature. You will definitely feel good about yourself.

These are the five main things I do to de-stress myself. These tips can be used by anyone at any point of time. In addition to this, there are a few more de-stressing methods which may not work well on all. In my case, some work well and some don’t. For some, I don’t have the time. Anyhow, I’ll list them here:

  • Eating chocolates, pizzas or any favorite food.
  • Reading books help me once in a while, but not when I am highly stressed.
  • Staying away from internet and phone for 2 hours every day. I do that during study holidays and I am considering doing it for a whole day in a week. Phone and internet consume a lot of our time and energy.
  • Writing down what makes me stressed. Writing helps me a lot. It helps me de-clutter my head and think clear. Most of the times, too many things in head causes stress. For those who have the habit of keeping diary, try writing down your feelings when you are stressed.

This is not an exhaustive list. People resort to different methods to make their lives stress-free. If you have any simple and fast way to de-stress, do share your methods in the comments. The best comment will win vouchers from 🙂


I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda

17 Dining Mistakes You Might Be Making

Being an Indian, I prefer eating with my hands since I get a deep sense of satisfaction and it is simply convenient. However, I knew that at some point of time I will have to learn the dining etiquette. I tried a couple of times and then gave up since it was too time consuming until…

…I was seated on a table with some important people and I had no idea about what I had to do. Thankfully, I survived through the meal without embarrassing myself and tried my best to keep myself updated with the dining etiquette.


I did not prepare this list. I found it online and since I am well aware of many people like me, I thought of sharing it here.

CLICK HERE to read the 17 Dining Mistakes We Might Be Making. 🙂