Redecorating My Room

7 years ago, we moved into our new home. I was asked what color I wanted my room to be and obviously, I said lavender. When I pointed at the lavender shade, the painter suggested that it will make the room look dull and so, the lighter shade will be preferred. I agreed to it. The room was painted lavender, stars, moon and planets were painted in the ceiling and my own beautiful room was ready.

I came back after completing my graduation and settled in Cochin. Gradually, I felt that the room looked like the Ujala shade rather than lavender. I tried sticking posters and make it beautiful. But since cello tapes and glue obviously did not hold heavy posters, I tried scotch tapes. They didn’t help either. I had ugly marks on the walls and to cover them up, I stuck posters around. Our room is a mess now!

It has been a year since my sister and I have been planning ย a makeover. And ย here is what we have in mind.

There are four walls in our room (obviously). The biggest wall will be painted and then, we will fill colored/painted glass bottles with LED lights and arrange them as though they are arranged in steps. Around 5 bottles will fit in that area. In the remaining space, we will stick a wall art which doesn’t make it look too crowded. Just tiny designs.

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On the wall facing our heads, the portion is very small. We want tissue work done there with a tinge of a metallic color.

We have our table against the wall opposite to the biggest wall. Hence we can only do our artwork in the area above the table. We will fix the paint color, buy matching cloth (preferable something ethnic like brocade or even something chic), wrap it around thermocols and then arrange them parallely. It gives a super peppy look, doesn’t it?

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There is a corner in our room below the window which we intend to make our reading cove. We’ll buy bean bags and quilts and make a throne of our own where we could sit & read. My idea is to decorate the area with yellow rice lights. This way, at nights, we will have ample lights and it will give a cozy yellow hue to the room.

Things to be careful about is that, the lights in the bottle shouldn’t make the paint on the wall look grotesque. That happens at times. Besides, the cloth on the thermocol must match the background color obviously! Now, comes the toughest part. If all the right colors are found, the paints on the adjacent walls must match each other. Phew! Too complicated right? Precisely why it is taking so much of time. Ultimately, the purpose is to sleep, write and make the room livable. I’ll have to think this through.

Meanwhile, if you have plans to redo your room, you can take ideas from here and let me know how it looks. Maybe, I could use some tips from you all. ๐Ÿ™‚


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