Keep Your Bundle of Joy Joyful

Many of you must have noticed that your newly born bundle of joy was super soft initially, but the softness has been fading with time. Some children not only become less soft, but they might also develop rashes, extremely dry or oily skin conditions. Is there anything to wonder about it? Your champ has been swimming in some protective and moisturizing solution for 9 months and that has been keeping his/her skin soft. Once the child leaves the womb, the lack of the solution named vernix reduces the softness.

Now, we cannot simply stop trying from keeping our champ’s skin supple right? Here are some of the things you could try to keep your baby’s skin soft and silky:

  1. Consult the physician –  Before using any unfamiliar product on your child’s skin – even if they are protein-rich oils – consult your physician. The baby’s skin is in a developing stage and some products may return harsh results. Hence, always ensure that you get the doctor’s advice before using any product. In those moments when you ought to use something, ensure that they are meant for babies and contain no harmful substances like fragrance. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.
  2. Massage your baby – If you have understood the first point, after the necessary enquiry, use the right oil that suits your baby’s skin and massage. Giving a massage after a bath is most recommended since it is already hydrated and it locks in the moisturizer, leaving the skin soft for a longer time.
  3. Mamma! Sun hurts me – No! The baby cannot say that to you. And, No! No! No! Sunscreen is not advisable. Ensure that you keep your bundle of joy in a bundle itself. Meaning, keep him/her wrapped up and ensure that you don’t expose him/her to the sun.
  4. Clothing – The material of the cloth, the type of outfit (you cannot fit them into anything complicated when they are just born), the way they are cleaned, changing clothes within a reasonable time, using cloth pieces that give ample air circulation, ensuring that the detergent does not remain in the clothes etc would go a long way in keeping your champ’s skin soft.
  5. Protect your child from Diaper Rash – Most of the parents face this problem. Since the baby’s skin is too delicate, the diaper’s material and the unwanted moisture could easily cause rashes. One must take special care while choosing diapers by following some simple procedures;
  •  Checking the stuff out of which diapers are being made.
  • Ensuring that the diaper you choose belong to authorized brands. Never settle for low quality diapers.
  • Enquiring with other parents. There is nothing like experience. Communicate with other parents who have had children just before you. I emphasize on the time-frame because, products may not always maintain their quality. Diaper companies that were too good 2 years back may not be of good quality now.
  • Change the diapers frequently. I repeat. Change the diaper frequently. No matter how good the quality is, using the same diaper for a long period of time is never good for the child. Their skin is too delicate, remember?

These days, we get lots of information from the internet and we need to use our discrimination to identify what could be believed. No research or inquiry is less. The more we try to learn, the more we can be sure of the things we do. When it is about babies, we have the limitation of communication. They cannot let us know what is happening to them. Hence, we should always double check on the things we do for them or use on them. As I said earlier, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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