Keeping Everything Else Constant, Save Your Time!

There wouldn’t be many who are not aware of Airtel 4G. In this era, where everything is on an instant basis, a super fast internet is mandatory. While 3G was introduced, many of us had a lot of relief. The waiting time for videos to load and audios to download was reduced by many folds. But as 3G spread like wildfire, the necessity for an even faster network arose. In spite of my having a 3G, I realised that I could save a lot of time if that particular audio had loaded faster.

My prayers were answered with the release of Airtel 4G. Each of us have multiple roles in our lives and internet plays a vital part in all these phases. Here is why these unbelievable speeds mean an asset to me:

Professional course – Since I am in the Final phase of CA, I have to download many notes, study materials, supplementary materials, question papers and amendments. I maintain a time table where I have to study for more than 10 hours. If I am to allocate an hour for searching and downloading materials, it will be a huge waste of time for me. With high speeds, since I know what I want, I can complete the downloads in less than ten minutes.

For my previous exams, I had many doubts and used to browse for videos of classes in youtube. It took around 20 minutes per video to determine whether, that was the area I  wanted guidance on, mainly because of the buffer time. The moment I click onto the video, if it loads completely, I can easily use the seeker to browse through the video and find out whether it suits my needs. If it doesn’t, I can go on to check the next video. For us, every second counts and 4G is definitely a boon.

Blogging – I get many requests asking me to write for people or brands or even about topics I’m unaware of. I used to get tired due to the incessant searching. I used to open multiple pages in a window and wait for them to load. If I don’t glimpse a page for a while, it takes a lot of time to be visible again. Due to time constraints, I used to get very irritated and stressed out and close many windows. I used to lose the enthusiasm and postpone my work. If I have a superfast network, it could save me from procrastination.

App Lovers – I love apps; Games, shopping, reading, social networking etc. Right now, in my phone I have 4 social networking apps, 2 game apps, a dictionary app, 3 shopping apps, bookmyshow etc. Many a times I have hoped that I could download them faster. Sometimes, when there are irresistible offers on shopping apps, I have to download them. But a lot of time gets wasted and sometimes the offers lapse. These problems are all avoided with the advent of 4G.

The most attractive offer that airtel has come up with is that, 4G is available in 3G rates. Oh! Here is another one. If you need a 4G SIM, all you have to do is tweet #GetAirtel4G and you will receive a free home delivery of the SIM. How cool is that? There isn’t any extra pain or loss involved. Do the things you have been doing, pay the same price and save your time! 😀

Keeping Everything Else Constant, Save Your Time!

See this video for more details: