For Your Babies

Babies are more delicate than flower petals. They are lighter than clouds and softer than cotton. They are a miracle in themselves. Their skin is all the more tender and one needs to give great care while looking after a new born. Among other things, massaging babies with oils is a debatable topic. Here is what I gathered regarding massaging babies using various baby oils laying emphasis on 2 main oils.

Almond Oil

Otherwise known as badam oil, the natural almond oils come with a sweet smell. Here are some points with respect to almond oils for your baby’s skin:

  • Precaution first: Badam/Almonds cause allergies in some people. Since you wouldn’t know at this early stage whether your child is allergic, it is advisable to apply some oil on a tiny area on your baby’s legs. Wait for a while to see if there are any side effects.
  • Almond oils (natural) are very pure and hence makes your child’s skin soft and supple.
  • They are rich in vitamin E and vitamin D.
  • It is a natural moisturizer and hence you wouldn’t have to use anything else to keep your child’s skin hydrated.
  • They help reduce itching and inflammatory conditions on your baby’s skin.

Olive Oil

  • Precaution: In case of skin conditions like eczema, avoid olive oil and consult a physician.
  • Does your child cry all night due to diaper rashes? Looking for a natural remedy for the same? Olive oil is widely used as a remedy for babies’ diaper rashes.
  • If you are aware of your child’s skin condition and if the skin happens to be less permeable, the oleic acid content in the olive oil helps make your baby’s skin more permeable.
  • Whether the weather is hot or cold, olive oil works in the same manner.

Apart from noticing dry skin, if you find unnatural skin problems, do not whip up your own remedies. Always consult a doctor when it comes to your baby’s illness. While massaging your baby’s tender skin, ensure that the oils you use are meant for babies. Do not use generic kitchen oils. Research about various companies that have been dealing in baby products and the new ones venturing into the same.

For instance, Dabur is a well reputed company that has established his name for years. They have introduced their Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the natural goodness of olive oil and almond oil. They claim their products do not contain harmful ingredients like paraffin and artificial colors. It isn’t difficult to find companies that provide you with what your baby needs. It is about choosing – from among the available options – the ones that suit your baby.

I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association withDabur


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