For Your Tiny Bundle of Joy

The birth of a child is one of the most astounding miracle of nature. It has been going on for thousands of years and it will go on for another million years or more. But, the sight of them opening their eyes, making their first sound, moving their tiny fingers and toes, the charming smiles and much more will keep us astounded every time we witness them. When a child is born, a mother is also born.

There are many confusions, doubts, sleepless nights, anxieties as to what is good for the baby and what could harm them. A mother, specially if she is giving birth for the first time has so many questions. She is torn between the miracle and the responsibility – her baby.

Many parents take good care when it comes to the cleanliness and food habits of their children. But there is more to it. Such as their skin. There are well established companies that produce baby oils, soaps, shampoos etc. What many of us don’t realize is that the ingredients may not suit all skin types. What if your baby’s skin is all the more sensitive? What if your baby needs some additional element that these companies do not offer?

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The trick is to know the benefits of some of the natural oils that are available. Also, learn in advance, what are the skin problems that a baby could face normally. This isn’t to panic any parents around. This is just to keep all of us informed. So that, when your bundle of joy is up and laughing, you don’t want to see that laughter fade. Do you? Here are some information that you could use:

Olive Oil

  • Using olive oil to massage your baby’s body helps in hydrating the skin. It keeps the skin healthy and soft for long. It is best if you massage olive oil onto their body at night, after bath.
  • Consult a physician. If your child’s skin is less permeable, massaging olive oil becomes all the more necessary. Olive oil contains oleic acid that helps make your baby’s skin more permeable.
  • Diaper rashes are a common problem. Apart from ensuring that the child doesn’t stay for long in the moisture, use some olive oil to get rid of those rashes.

Almond Oil

  • Another genius that can be used for moisturizing your baby. Almond oil keeps your child’s skin soft for hours together.
  • Massaging almond oil in the tummy helps to reduce indigestion.
  • Keeps dryness at bay

A word of caution: While using these oils, do not use them in excess. Kindly make sure that you know where to apply them and where not to. Babies are very delicate and no matter how much research you do, it wouldn’t be too much.

There are many companies coming up with baby products. It is only natural for us to go after the most popular or recommended ones. But we must also keep in mind what suits our children. For instance, keeping the necessity of such babies in mind, Dabur Baby Massage Oil has introduced their baby oil with the natural goodness of almond and olive oils claiming to keep baby’s skin clear from artificial colors and chemicals.

It isn’t difficult to find the alternatives. It is about knowing our children’s needs and then choosing the right one from the alternatives. 🙂

I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association withDabur


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