Sharing Loving Moments

My mother is a working woman. But, I always felt her presence during my school days. Whether it was for workshops, science exhibitions, competitions, chart work or projects. There was always something that she had to do. We had to do! Both of us loved making charts, drawing and coloring. She was more than happy when I announced about such work. Some days, even if I forgot to tell her, she would somehow conjure up what I wanted by morning. It happened very rarely. Even so, she was very supportive.

Coloring book

She used to sit with me and color in my coloring book. I was awed seeing the way she colored and I used to think that I’ll never be able to color like her. “Make sure that your colors stay within the line. Don’t give the same color in adjacent areas.” I am amazed that I still remember those words. They helped me a lot to improve my coloring skills. Even now, I follow those instructions.

Bus list

I must have been in my fourth standard. She helped me make our class’s bus list – a list of who boards which number bus. It was her idea to draw different colored balloons and then write the contents in there. She showed me a demo and asked me to draw the rest. She patiently taught me how to shade. “It should be visible, but not too dark. You want others to see the names.”, she had told me.

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In my ninth standard, we had to prepare something for the Christmas party in school. Each one in the class was assigned one dish. Mine was a pudding. My mother said that we could prepare it together. She did some of it while giving me instructions. It was my first serious cooking adventure apart from tea, coffee or noodles. She made cooking look so much fun.

Help in studies

It is not only in creative areas that she has been with me. But she helped me a lot in my studies too. Working in a bank, I could ask her any banking related queries and she would launch into an explanation. I have wondered many times why she did not take up teaching. After explaining things theoretically, if I did not understand, she changed her explanation into a semi role-play mode. She would make me the banker and then explain all the affairs, crack some jokes, make sure that it was all explained in the simplest of terms.

Her role as a buddy parent did not change with my sister, D, either. It wasn’t easy managing her. It was difficult to sit her down and make her study. D got these phantom headaches, tears, leg pains etc. My mother managed it all smoothly. At the end of the day D would have studied what she had to.

One day, D came home and said that their class teacher had prepared a new dish with potatoes. She kept talking about it for weeks that my mother understood that she had loved it. She called up her class teacher and asked her how it was prepared. Later, she called D and told her that she would be getting her potato dish that day. When D insisted that she wanted to join in the cooking, my mother agreed. Even today, D fondly reminisce that day and she tells me that she had a lot of fun preparing it.

We often say that our supermom has given us the right amount of freedom with a lot of motivation. She has been with us in all our important moments not just as a parent, but as a friend. She learnt when she taught us and we taught her things as we learnt them. When she asks me doubts about MS Excel or audits, I am overwhelmed. I understand why she participated with us in all our activities. There is no better joy than sharing moments with your loved ones. 🙂

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