Waffle Street For The Experiment Freaks!

Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on Askme.com  I’m contributing my part by relishing my favorite delicacies at Waffle Street and sharing my views with you all!
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I wasn’t into food experimenting until recently, a friend habituated me into it. It was around the same time that Waffle street opened up and since I had no idea what waffles were, I decided to give it a try. Though I am not fond of sweet dishes and I had been discouraged by many reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience there.
With eye catching illustrations and heart warming quotes, the place surely had style. The mellow lighting and the entire set up made it look like a restaurant straight from some English novels. Surely, we were on a selfie spree for some time.
We ordered a passion fruit drink and something called Lady Current. I feel like going on and on about the latter. Basically
prepared from Black currant, it gave a slight tingling sensation to the taste buds. The flavour and the aeration gave a whole new experience. My friend and I did have a liking for this particular drink.
There were so many options that we took a long while to choose from them. Here are the best ones we had:
Strawbarian waffle topped with whipped cream and sliced strawberry. The slight sourness from strawberry and the sweetness of the cream sort of complements each other. Every time I went to waffle street, I ensured that one of us ordered this one.
Heaven on marshmallows with 3 marshmallow pieces and additional whipped cream. Nothing could beat the strawberry, yet marshmallow lovers would take a liking to this one.
I haven’t had ‘real’ waffles as in from the countries where they are originally had for breakfast. So, there is nothing for me to compare. Some of my friends said that it resembled the wheat dosa made here. Well, it depends upon the way you perceive it. The method of preparation, the ingredients and the way it is eaten are entirely different. Comparing things that are poles apart doesn’t make sense to me. As a new dish with some delicious toppings, I loved it!
I request all the Kochiites to just go in there and try one. If you keep wondering how it is, you would just do that for the rest of your lives. But once you try it, you know what to do next. If you love it, revisit. Else, forget it. It is as simple as that! 🙂 As for me, I am definitely going back! 😀

For Your Babies

Babies are more delicate than flower petals. They are lighter than clouds and softer than cotton. They are a miracle in themselves. Their skin is all the more tender and one needs to give great care while looking after a new born. Among other things, massaging babies with oils is a debatable topic. Here is what I gathered regarding massaging babies using various baby oils laying emphasis on 2 main oils.

Almond Oil

Otherwise known as badam oil, the natural almond oils come with a sweet smell. Here are some points with respect to almond oils for your baby’s skin:

  • Precaution first: Badam/Almonds cause allergies in some people. Since you wouldn’t know at this early stage whether your child is allergic, it is advisable to apply some oil on a tiny area on your baby’s legs. Wait for a while to see if there are any side effects.
  • Almond oils (natural) are very pure and hence makes your child’s skin soft and supple.
  • They are rich in vitamin E and vitamin D.
  • It is a natural moisturizer and hence you wouldn’t have to use anything else to keep your child’s skin hydrated.
  • They help reduce itching and inflammatory conditions on your baby’s skin.

Olive Oil

  • Precaution: In case of skin conditions like eczema, avoid olive oil and consult a physician.
  • Does your child cry all night due to diaper rashes? Looking for a natural remedy for the same? Olive oil is widely used as a remedy for babies’ diaper rashes.
  • If you are aware of your child’s skin condition and if the skin happens to be less permeable, the oleic acid content in the olive oil helps make your baby’s skin more permeable.
  • Whether the weather is hot or cold, olive oil works in the same manner.

Apart from noticing dry skin, if you find unnatural skin problems, do not whip up your own remedies. Always consult a doctor when it comes to your baby’s illness. While massaging your baby’s tender skin, ensure that the oils you use are meant for babies. Do not use generic kitchen oils. Research about various companies that have been dealing in baby products and the new ones venturing into the same.

For instance, Dabur is a well reputed company that has established his name for years. They have introduced their Dabur Baby Massage Oil with the natural goodness of olive oil and almond oil. They claim their products do not contain harmful ingredients like paraffin and artificial colors. It isn’t difficult to find companies that provide you with what your baby needs. It is about choosing – from among the available options – the ones that suit your baby.

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Rains, Rainbows And Some Color Splash

RAINS! For each of us this word means different things. I would say, Monsoon is the most happening season of all. From the breezy prelude to its arrival, the gradual change in lighting, the sound settings that turn our heads towards the windows, Monsoon sure arrives in style. 😉

We, on the receiving end, make preparations to welcome our dear guest. For, lets face it! You have no idea when he would choose to revisit. One fine day, when you are out wearing your favorite white gown, he might just surprise you and leave you all drenched, your white gown clinging to your body with mud stains. We surely don’t want that to happen, right? So, we all nod in unison when we say, let us be monsoon ready.

Obviously, white gowns are off our list. Expensive leather goodies? Out of bounds, definitely! We need clothes that would let us  do all the things we normally do and much more, now that we have water water everywhere ;). For instance, being carefree, jumping in joy, splashing water at our friends, not worrying even if we get drenched – Oh! Who am I kidding!? Clothes that could get us drenched! 😀

While rains do paint this kind of happy picture, there are the practical difficulties. This is where we put comfort first. We are talking about the likes of capris, shorts, skirts, short dresses, denims, tops & tunics with no compromise on colors. Whether we talk about enjoying the rains or about comfort, this set of clothes are always the safe bet. With umpteen online sites selling everything above the Earth and below the Sun, it isn’t difficult at all to find the items I just listed. But I did not emphasize on the words ‘no compromise on colors’ for naught.

It has been around a year since I have been doing some stalking. Oh! It isn’t what you think. I have been stalking clothes and accessories on Limeroad. I also am the proud owner of some variety stuff I bought from there. They have some amazing and unique stuff that you can’t help but own. Here is one among them I bought.

I am sure that you are convinced about the style element in Limeroad. That is the second best thing. The first is, their scrapbook feature. A unique and engaging feature that also helps us know what accessory or footwear goes better with a dress. They not only pay you for looks, but also keep contests and give rewards for the best looks.

Now that the monsoon is spreading its wings and soaring far and wide, they have introduced the monsoon themes. Here are some looks I created with the themes.

1. The All Time Lovely Purple 


I started off with a pretty PURPLE top that caught my eyes. Considering the difficulty in washing and drying the clothes during rains, denims are the best option. It is well known that you don’t have to wash them that often. Besides, there is no second opinion when it comes to comfort. The flip flops would carry you safely and in style through any type of roads. The chic, color bomb bag would have surely caught your eyes. As I said, there is no compromise on colors and style. 🙂

I introduce the next look.

2. The splash of colors.


Red to light up the cloudy skies, green to paint the wet streets and the yellow butterfly to brighten up faces. 🙂 This dress would not only keep you comfortable but make you party ready and even if you end up in the rains, wets you in style. 😉


Take a closer look at the beautiful butterfly. Yellow is a very friendly color that goes with almost all other colors.

Our next look uses an equal amount of green to contrast with the stylish pink. The slippers are the highlights here.

3. Popular Pink Pop


The last look among my list is a peppy one with everything that every girl loves – florals, colors, blacks and brightness.


For Your Tiny Bundle of Joy

The birth of a child is one of the most astounding miracle of nature. It has been going on for thousands of years and it will go on for another million years or more. But, the sight of them opening their eyes, making their first sound, moving their tiny fingers and toes, the charming smiles and much more will keep us astounded every time we witness them. When a child is born, a mother is also born.

There are many confusions, doubts, sleepless nights, anxieties as to what is good for the baby and what could harm them. A mother, specially if she is giving birth for the first time has so many questions. She is torn between the miracle and the responsibility – her baby.

Many parents take good care when it comes to the cleanliness and food habits of their children. But there is more to it. Such as their skin. There are well established companies that produce baby oils, soaps, shampoos etc. What many of us don’t realize is that the ingredients may not suit all skin types. What if your baby’s skin is all the more sensitive? What if your baby needs some additional element that these companies do not offer?

Image source

The trick is to know the benefits of some of the natural oils that are available. Also, learn in advance, what are the skin problems that a baby could face normally. This isn’t to panic any parents around. This is just to keep all of us informed. So that, when your bundle of joy is up and laughing, you don’t want to see that laughter fade. Do you? Here are some information that you could use:

Olive Oil

  • Using olive oil to massage your baby’s body helps in hydrating the skin. It keeps the skin healthy and soft for long. It is best if you massage olive oil onto their body at night, after bath.
  • Consult a physician. If your child’s skin is less permeable, massaging olive oil becomes all the more necessary. Olive oil contains oleic acid that helps make your baby’s skin more permeable.
  • Diaper rashes are a common problem. Apart from ensuring that the child doesn’t stay for long in the moisture, use some olive oil to get rid of those rashes.

Almond Oil

  • Another genius that can be used for moisturizing your baby. Almond oil keeps your child’s skin soft for hours together.
  • Massaging almond oil in the tummy helps to reduce indigestion.
  • Keeps dryness at bay

A word of caution: While using these oils, do not use them in excess. Kindly make sure that you know where to apply them and where not to. Babies are very delicate and no matter how much research you do, it wouldn’t be too much.

There are many companies coming up with baby products. It is only natural for us to go after the most popular or recommended ones. But we must also keep in mind what suits our children. For instance, keeping the necessity of such babies in mind, Dabur Baby Massage Oil has introduced their baby oil with the natural goodness of almond and olive oils claiming to keep baby’s skin clear from artificial colors and chemicals.

It isn’t difficult to find the alternatives. It is about knowing our children’s needs and then choosing the right one from the alternatives. 🙂

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Sharing Loving Moments

My mother is a working woman. But, I always felt her presence during my school days. Whether it was for workshops, science exhibitions, competitions, chart work or projects. There was always something that she had to do. We had to do! Both of us loved making charts, drawing and coloring. She was more than happy when I announced about such work. Some days, even if I forgot to tell her, she would somehow conjure up what I wanted by morning. It happened very rarely. Even so, she was very supportive.

Coloring book

She used to sit with me and color in my coloring book. I was awed seeing the way she colored and I used to think that I’ll never be able to color like her. “Make sure that your colors stay within the line. Don’t give the same color in adjacent areas.” I am amazed that I still remember those words. They helped me a lot to improve my coloring skills. Even now, I follow those instructions.

Bus list

I must have been in my fourth standard. She helped me make our class’s bus list – a list of who boards which number bus. It was her idea to draw different colored balloons and then write the contents in there. She showed me a demo and asked me to draw the rest. She patiently taught me how to shade. “It should be visible, but not too dark. You want others to see the names.”, she had told me.

Image courtesy: Here


In my ninth standard, we had to prepare something for the Christmas party in school. Each one in the class was assigned one dish. Mine was a pudding. My mother said that we could prepare it together. She did some of it while giving me instructions. It was my first serious cooking adventure apart from tea, coffee or noodles. She made cooking look so much fun.

Help in studies

It is not only in creative areas that she has been with me. But she helped me a lot in my studies too. Working in a bank, I could ask her any banking related queries and she would launch into an explanation. I have wondered many times why she did not take up teaching. After explaining things theoretically, if I did not understand, she changed her explanation into a semi role-play mode. She would make me the banker and then explain all the affairs, crack some jokes, make sure that it was all explained in the simplest of terms.

Her role as a buddy parent did not change with my sister, D, either. It wasn’t easy managing her. It was difficult to sit her down and make her study. D got these phantom headaches, tears, leg pains etc. My mother managed it all smoothly. At the end of the day D would have studied what she had to.

One day, D came home and said that their class teacher had prepared a new dish with potatoes. She kept talking about it for weeks that my mother understood that she had loved it. She called up her class teacher and asked her how it was prepared. Later, she called D and told her that she would be getting her potato dish that day. When D insisted that she wanted to join in the cooking, my mother agreed. Even today, D fondly reminisce that day and she tells me that she had a lot of fun preparing it.

We often say that our supermom has given us the right amount of freedom with a lot of motivation. She has been with us in all our important moments not just as a parent, but as a friend. She learnt when she taught us and we taught her things as we learnt them. When she asks me doubts about MS Excel or audits, I am overwhelmed. I understand why she participated with us in all our activities. There is no better joy than sharing moments with your loved ones. 🙂

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