Enrapturing Tunes & Moves

Hum naye geet sunaye, hum naya rang sajaye
Hum naye roop dikhaye tumhe,
Hum naye duniya ke vaasi, humko nahi fikar zara si
Hum naye naye baat bataye tumhe

Not many remember this song from Viva – The Indian Pop girl group – that formed in 2002. I was enraptured by their music. My favorite songs from the album were ‘Jaago Zara’ and ‘Jahaan ho pyar ka mausam’. They sure knew how to weave their magic as they crept into the hearts of many youngsters with their first album. You could watch one of the songs here.

Anushka Manchanda was one among the five gifted singers in the group. With her deep, throaty voice, she did stand out right then. You may not catch her with all the gaiety in the Viva video, but if you are familiar with the song ‘Dil Kholke let’s rock’ from We Are Family, you will know what I mean. The power in her voice can never go unnoticed. I have watched her stage performances. Once she is up on the stage, she fills the entire auditorium, in the sense, her energy just spreads throughout and you can feel it ricocheting off the audience. That is how electrifying her persona and performance are.

On another note, the Telugu lover-boy Allu Arjun is hard to be missed. When I went to Bangalore for completing my studies, Allu Arjun fever had gripped the girls there. I either heard the tales of Arya or the charm of Allu Arjun. Once I got back home, I kept seeing this guy on the television doing some really graceful and tough moves. I watched with awe, his skills and did not for another second doubt why he was the talk of the town.

Soon, his Telugu movies were being dubbed to Malayalam and I realised that he was another version of energy and charisma personified.

For those who know them, and for those who have got an idea about them, now consider this: what would happen if the duo come together on one stage. It would be an explosion of energy, a magical combination of two powers – Dance and Music. Did I mention that Anushka is a very good dancer too? Oh yes, she did display some of her dance movies on Jhalak dikhlaja where she was a contestant.

I would love to watch a show where Anushka weaves her magic through her zealous singing style and Allu Arjun graces the audience with his phenomenal and flawless moves. Above all, I would love to find myself dancing away in the crowd bewitched by the duo’s performance.

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Image courtesy: Official facebook pages of the celebrities.


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