Reasons to Eat Pizza


“Damn! I have caught a cold. I hate this. Now I can’t do my job, I can’t take rest because you don’t get leave for cold. I hate my life!”, that was me, pissed of due to the cold virus.

“Woah! What is all that about? I could make you feel better.”, my always positive friend D said.


“Wait and watch.”

25 minutes later, the bell rings.

“I’ll get it.”

D walked in with 2 boxes of dominos pizza.

“Madam emo! Whenever you are sad or ill, order pizza. You don’t know the healing power that a pizza possesses.”

I was all wide eyed seeing so many pizzas that I began gobbling them all up. It was after a while that I noticed that D had just yesterday mentioned that she was running out of bank balance since it was almost mid May.

“Oh! This doesn’t cost much”, she said on enquiring.

“How can this not cost much? Two cheese burst pizzas would definitely cost above 1000Rs. Are you crazy to spend that kind of money?”

How to save?

That was when she introduced me to her means of savings – 27coupons.

27coupons is one of the leading coupons and deals distribution platforms of India. They cater to more than 1000 stores and almost all kinds of products available on the web. Patrika being the biggest Hindi News portal in India, has 27coupons’ platform integrated in their website. They cater to all kinds of stores ranging from garments, wellness, food, entertainment etc. Name the store, and you will find the coupon you need.

Apparently, D had subscribed for coupons here and just today morning, she had received the coupons in her email. She availed the Buy 1 get 1 free offer and then got the 2 pizzas for me.
You can see multiple offers available for dominos pizza in their site. Ultimately, she got pizzas that cost close to Rs. 1100, for just about Rs. 600. If you haven’t had Dominos pizza before and you are of the opinion that spending Rs. 600 is too much, read further and I’ll change your opinion.

Why Dominos?

I am a pizza maniac. I have tried Dominos and Pizza hut’s pizzas n number of times and believe me when I say Dominos rules. I’m not for ordering the plain pizzas, but I would always scream yes when it comes to cheese burst. By cheese burst, I mean pizza filled with flowing, hot molten cheese. There were times when we got pizzas filled and topped with cheese. When we bit into a piece, cheese used to flow through the sides of our mouth. I am not making this up. I have experienced this myself. At any point of time, I would be more than willing to have a cheese burst.

Regarding the multiple choices of toppings, I being a paneer lover, am crazy about the peppy paneer one. It has a different flavour due to the presence of munchy paneer.

Peppy Paneer

My next favorite choice is ‘5 Pepper’ which is a combination of 5 types of spices – Red Pepper, Yellow pepper, Jalapeno, Paprika, Capsicum. Don’t fret! They aren’t as spicy as you think. They give superb flavour to the pizza and a little bit of spice. But don’t you get misled by its name.

5 Pepper

Finally, when these happen to be cheese burst pizzas with cheese oozing from inside them, none of us can say no to it. So don’t think much, click on the link for the coupon platform, find your coupon, go to the dominos site and get ordering. The only difficulty you will face is, which coupon to choose. Do you need a choco lava cake free or a garlic bread free? Or a pizza free!? You might want to sort your priorities and then order. 😉


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