Food Power and Girl Power

I have always wondered how our country or the entire Earth for that matter would have been, if not for regional bias. Don’t ask me about whether there would have been different varieties of food in North India and South India or whether they all would have been the same. I am not sure about that. But keeping the languages as they are and the cuisines as they are, being known as Indians would have been better than ‘South Indians’, ‘North Indians’ etc.

This thought popped up again when I saw this ad from crash the pepsi IPL entries:

As you can see, it all starts when a Punjabi couple keeps a tiffinbox with Roti in it on their seat. Immediately, a South Indian couple places a set of Idli vada. Soon enough, there is a cuisine competition. Between the North Indians and the South Indians. I like how finally the ad united the country by each of the couples placing a bottle of pepsi each amidst the food. They both smile and then the atmosphere becomes light.

In a country that is slowly coming out of its patriarchal mindset, this ad is noval. For one, the concept of women playing cricket is scoffed at. When I say I want to play cricket, there are guys who have said, ‘Do something that you can do. Spare yourself the trouble.’ or comments like, ‘Can you hold a bat?’ commenting on my lean physique or even worse, ‘Oh sure! You can join us and be the water-girl’. Well, I took it all sportively since I know they did not have any ill feelings and that those were just passing comments.

But at times, these comments do leave a mark. Not always. But when the frequency of such comments increase. This is where ads like these are heartwarming.

I loved the fact that they decided to choose girls for the game and I love the way the girls are playing in this. The makers of the video, the actors, the cameraman and all affiliated to this ad have all done a wonderful job. I also liked how the guys watching the game weren’t depicted to be giving lewd comments which is how generally things are depicted.

As a matter of fact, this video inspired me to play cricket thought I don’t know anyone who will join me. So I am pushing that thought to the back of my head for a while. Anyhow, I see that the video is one among the popular ones and I absolutely agree with the opinion. It deserved to win. 🙂

I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?


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