Ads For Thought

Pepsi bottles and cans have been cut, mud filled in them, seeds are sown, or saplings are inserted. If your house is tiny, this could be done for some greenery. To preserve the environment. To fulfill your yearning for some gardening.

Some kids are flying kite. They have used the bottles to roll the thread and use it to control the kite.

A mother decided to tie and join all the cans at home and hang them somewhere to preserve some memories.

Using cans and bottles in innumerable ways, this video ad has not only been made to promote Pepsi IPL but along with that, they have projected some beautiful messages too.

For one thing, I loved the way these cans and bottles are being reused rather than being thrown away. All of us know how harmful the plastic is to our Environment. Though Swachh Bharat is being talked about, there is barely any effort from us individually. Some of them are indeed trying their bit. But not all of us. During such circumstances, these ads are eye openers.

For those who are fond of greenery, gardening and have no space at home, for those living in apartments, the first part of the ad gives a lovely idea. Cut the huge bottles and plant saplings therein. Isn’t it heartwarming to watch those green leaves wobble and sway in the breeze? 🙂

If you want to know what I’m talking about, here is the video:


“Pepsi, Bhujhaaye dil ki pyaas”

This is how the next video ends and I felt happy. My heart goes out to those old people who work hard to make ends meet. Here, one such old grandpa whom they refer to as chaacha is driving a taxi. The passenger gives him a pepsi. Chaacha refuses it out of formality. However, the passenger insists him to drink since it is very hot.

I wondered, how many times do we come across such old people? In streets, in buses, in shops, the road side vendors etc but we never think about them. We are busy with our own lives to notice. We could carry a bottle of water and offer them some.

In the ad, when the passenger asks about the fare, chaacha tells him that in all those years, this was the first time someone really quenched his thirst and that he wouldn’t take any money. You can watch it here:

The ad talks about nice people, nice things that can be done and of course about Pepsi. I always believe that art should convey a morale. A good message and it should give the reader or viewer, some food for thought. This is one such ad.

Hence I voted for the two above.

I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?


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