Day 1 – A Trip to The Beach

100 Happy Days – Day 1

My exams got over yesterday. CA Finals are feared for a reason. And this time, the first group, for which I was well prepared, came in its full fledged monster form. All the question papers looked at me menacingly and gnarled their teeth. Those monsters spewed venom and spat fire. To put it simply, it was bad.

Hence, to vent out all the pent up feelings, we decided to go on a tiny trip. Just for a while in the evening, somewhere nearby. After barely any planning, we easily decided on the Azhimugham at Vypin. Azhimugham is the place where the backwaters meet the ocean. It is a beautiful sight to watch the waves kiss the shore on one side and the backwaters on the other. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures. Maybe, I could keep that for another time.

After a while, I badly wanted to go near the waters. Unable to bear my torture, my friends decided that we should go to the beach nearby, since that was a safer place to be closer to the waters. Hence, the next stop was the beach near Vypin, Kochi.


The moment when the fire, the water, the earth, the space and the air merged with the soul.

Hope you like the snap. Though it looks simple, I like how all the five elements have been depicted here along with the blissful self.

This is what Wikipedia says about Vypin,
Vypin or Vypeen is one of a group of islands that form part of the city of Kochi, in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala. The island is about 27 kilometres (17 mi) long and is connected to mainland Kochi by a series of bridges known as the Goshree bridges. The western coast of Vypin has the longest beaches in Kochi namely, the Cherai Beach, Kuzhuppilly Beach and the Puthuvype Beach.


Here is another snap from that evening

There are some beautiful things that we can never get fed up of. Beaches, Sunsets, Rainbows and long rides are a few among them. What are yours? 🙂


I am participating in the #100HappyDays challenge. This is the Day 1 of the challenge.


Reasons to Eat Pizza


“Damn! I have caught a cold. I hate this. Now I can’t do my job, I can’t take rest because you don’t get leave for cold. I hate my life!”, that was me, pissed of due to the cold virus.

“Woah! What is all that about? I could make you feel better.”, my always positive friend D said.


“Wait and watch.”

25 minutes later, the bell rings.

“I’ll get it.”

D walked in with 2 boxes of dominos pizza.

“Madam emo! Whenever you are sad or ill, order pizza. You don’t know the healing power that a pizza possesses.”

I was all wide eyed seeing so many pizzas that I began gobbling them all up. It was after a while that I noticed that D had just yesterday mentioned that she was running out of bank balance since it was almost mid May.

“Oh! This doesn’t cost much”, she said on enquiring.

“How can this not cost much? Two cheese burst pizzas would definitely cost above 1000Rs. Are you crazy to spend that kind of money?”

How to save?

That was when she introduced me to her means of savings – 27coupons.

27coupons is one of the leading coupons and deals distribution platforms of India. They cater to more than 1000 stores and almost all kinds of products available on the web. Patrika being the biggest Hindi News portal in India, has 27coupons’ platform integrated in their website. They cater to all kinds of stores ranging from garments, wellness, food, entertainment etc. Name the store, and you will find the coupon you need.

Apparently, D had subscribed for coupons here and just today morning, she had received the coupons in her email. She availed the Buy 1 get 1 free offer and then got the 2 pizzas for me.
You can see multiple offers available for dominos pizza in their site. Ultimately, she got pizzas that cost close to Rs. 1100, for just about Rs. 600. If you haven’t had Dominos pizza before and you are of the opinion that spending Rs. 600 is too much, read further and I’ll change your opinion.

Why Dominos?

I am a pizza maniac. I have tried Dominos and Pizza hut’s pizzas n number of times and believe me when I say Dominos rules. I’m not for ordering the plain pizzas, but I would always scream yes when it comes to cheese burst. By cheese burst, I mean pizza filled with flowing, hot molten cheese. There were times when we got pizzas filled and topped with cheese. When we bit into a piece, cheese used to flow through the sides of our mouth. I am not making this up. I have experienced this myself. At any point of time, I would be more than willing to have a cheese burst.

Regarding the multiple choices of toppings, I being a paneer lover, am crazy about the peppy paneer one. It has a different flavour due to the presence of munchy paneer.

Peppy Paneer

My next favorite choice is ‘5 Pepper’ which is a combination of 5 types of spices – Red Pepper, Yellow pepper, Jalapeno, Paprika, Capsicum. Don’t fret! They aren’t as spicy as you think. They give superb flavour to the pizza and a little bit of spice. But don’t you get misled by its name.

5 Pepper

Finally, when these happen to be cheese burst pizzas with cheese oozing from inside them, none of us can say no to it. So don’t think much, click on the link for the coupon platform, find your coupon, go to the dominos site and get ordering. The only difficulty you will face is, which coupon to choose. Do you need a choco lava cake free or a garlic bread free? Or a pizza free!? You might want to sort your priorities and then order. 😉

Food Power and Girl Power

I have always wondered how our country or the entire Earth for that matter would have been, if not for regional bias. Don’t ask me about whether there would have been different varieties of food in North India and South India or whether they all would have been the same. I am not sure about that. But keeping the languages as they are and the cuisines as they are, being known as Indians would have been better than ‘South Indians’, ‘North Indians’ etc.

This thought popped up again when I saw this ad from crash the pepsi IPL entries:

As you can see, it all starts when a Punjabi couple keeps a tiffinbox with Roti in it on their seat. Immediately, a South Indian couple places a set of Idli vada. Soon enough, there is a cuisine competition. Between the North Indians and the South Indians. I like how finally the ad united the country by each of the couples placing a bottle of pepsi each amidst the food. They both smile and then the atmosphere becomes light.

In a country that is slowly coming out of its patriarchal mindset, this ad is noval. For one, the concept of women playing cricket is scoffed at. When I say I want to play cricket, there are guys who have said, ‘Do something that you can do. Spare yourself the trouble.’ or comments like, ‘Can you hold a bat?’ commenting on my lean physique or even worse, ‘Oh sure! You can join us and be the water-girl’. Well, I took it all sportively since I know they did not have any ill feelings and that those were just passing comments.

But at times, these comments do leave a mark. Not always. But when the frequency of such comments increase. This is where ads like these are heartwarming.

I loved the fact that they decided to choose girls for the game and I love the way the girls are playing in this. The makers of the video, the actors, the cameraman and all affiliated to this ad have all done a wonderful job. I also liked how the guys watching the game weren’t depicted to be giving lewd comments which is how generally things are depicted.

As a matter of fact, this video inspired me to play cricket thought I don’t know anyone who will join me. So I am pushing that thought to the back of my head for a while. Anyhow, I see that the video is one among the popular ones and I absolutely agree with the opinion. It deserved to win. 🙂

I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

Ads For Thought

Pepsi bottles and cans have been cut, mud filled in them, seeds are sown, or saplings are inserted. If your house is tiny, this could be done for some greenery. To preserve the environment. To fulfill your yearning for some gardening.

Some kids are flying kite. They have used the bottles to roll the thread and use it to control the kite.

A mother decided to tie and join all the cans at home and hang them somewhere to preserve some memories.

Using cans and bottles in innumerable ways, this video ad has not only been made to promote Pepsi IPL but along with that, they have projected some beautiful messages too.

For one thing, I loved the way these cans and bottles are being reused rather than being thrown away. All of us know how harmful the plastic is to our Environment. Though Swachh Bharat is being talked about, there is barely any effort from us individually. Some of them are indeed trying their bit. But not all of us. During such circumstances, these ads are eye openers.

For those who are fond of greenery, gardening and have no space at home, for those living in apartments, the first part of the ad gives a lovely idea. Cut the huge bottles and plant saplings therein. Isn’t it heartwarming to watch those green leaves wobble and sway in the breeze? 🙂

If you want to know what I’m talking about, here is the video:


“Pepsi, Bhujhaaye dil ki pyaas”

This is how the next video ends and I felt happy. My heart goes out to those old people who work hard to make ends meet. Here, one such old grandpa whom they refer to as chaacha is driving a taxi. The passenger gives him a pepsi. Chaacha refuses it out of formality. However, the passenger insists him to drink since it is very hot.

I wondered, how many times do we come across such old people? In streets, in buses, in shops, the road side vendors etc but we never think about them. We are busy with our own lives to notice. We could carry a bottle of water and offer them some.

In the ad, when the passenger asks about the fare, chaacha tells him that in all those years, this was the first time someone really quenched his thirst and that he wouldn’t take any money. You can watch it here:

The ad talks about nice people, nice things that can be done and of course about Pepsi. I always believe that art should convey a morale. A good message and it should give the reader or viewer, some food for thought. This is one such ad.

Hence I voted for the two above.

I’m voting for the best ads in the#CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?