My Take on Crash The Pepsi IPL Finalists

Let me just start off by saying that… That… I only saw the videos those were tagged as finalist and winners okay… I know, I know.  I just did the most unfair thing in the world, but that’s the only option left for a procrastinating girl. Understand my feelings annachi!

First off, I want to congratulate all those who have put in their effort and time for making all those videos. Simply awesome annachi!

Stop thinking what “annachi” means and start listing!

First of, My favourites!

  1.   “Abhi?“ uploaded by Neha K  Kaul

That was so awesome !  It deserves an ad position. Well shot too. The only thing to point out would be nothing!
Isn’t that why it’s in my favorites annachi?

Just in case you still didn’t understand  here’s the video

  1. “ Athithi Devo Bhavah ” by Vipul Singh Bundela

    I don’t know whether you’ve seen the movie “ athithi tum kab jaoge “ but this was pretty much it..
    Except for the climax, where the guest gets eaten by a huge human eating sea monster which looks like a snake . Oops ! ( 😛 )

    Let me show you this great man

  1. “ Pepsi ka Dose Rakhe Sabko close ” uploaded by Akashdeep Srivastava

    Nice name huh ?
    Initially I read the word ‘Dose’ as ‘Dosa’ ( 😛 )
    I know. Don’t kill me already !

    Now I know how I can bribe my dad efficiently during the world cups. Pepsi should also do this for football and basketball and.. and.. Whatever !

    The guy’s real cute though ! With Dimples n’all !
    You may see him now !

    Cute, No ?

  2.  “Pepsi black and white ” by Rachna R Shelar

    As if the guy is going to say that he likes pepsi more than that girl on his first date !
    Oh Come On , she’s pretty !

    You just can’t say no !
    Go grab a view of this pretty ad you people !

She’s cute isn’t she ?
Annachi approves of this !

  1. Last But not the least ( I’ve heard cliché works well with judges [ Shhhh… !!! ] )
    “ Thirst of the nation ” by Abhishek Kumar

    Very creative thought this is. It’s like one of those McVities ads. Real cute, small, hits the nail right on top of its head . Don’t you think ?
    You didn’t ? ( :O ) Watch it again.. Sh.. Watch.. wa. Watch it annachi !

And there goes my top FIVE !

Special congrats to the people who made

  • Real good this one was.. A better editing would have made this number 1.

  • I Liked this one a lot. But didn’t convey the idea much in the beginning.
    Should have used something better than a ball I guess. A VERY beautiful attempt though !

  • IDK I just liked it.

That’s all folks !
And BTW ANNACHI is a Tamil word okay ?
Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda


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