My Take on Crash The Pepsi IPL Finalists

Let me just start off by saying that… That… I only saw the videos those were tagged as finalist and winners okay… I know, I know.  I just did the most unfair thing in the world, but that’s the only option left for a procrastinating girl. Understand my feelings annachi!

First off, I want to congratulate all those who have put in their effort and time for making all those videos. Simply awesome annachi!

Stop thinking what “annachi” means and start listing!

First of, My favourites!

  1.   “Abhi?“ uploaded by Neha K  Kaul

That was so awesome !  It deserves an ad position. Well shot too. The only thing to point out would be nothing!
Isn’t that why it’s in my favorites annachi?

Just in case you still didn’t understand  here’s the video

  1. “ Athithi Devo Bhavah ” by Vipul Singh Bundela

    I don’t know whether you’ve seen the movie “ athithi tum kab jaoge “ but this was pretty much it..
    Except for the climax, where the guest gets eaten by a huge human eating sea monster which looks like a snake . Oops ! ( 😛 )

    Let me show you this great man

  1. “ Pepsi ka Dose Rakhe Sabko close ” uploaded by Akashdeep Srivastava

    Nice name huh ?
    Initially I read the word ‘Dose’ as ‘Dosa’ ( 😛 )
    I know. Don’t kill me already !

    Now I know how I can bribe my dad efficiently during the world cups. Pepsi should also do this for football and basketball and.. and.. Whatever !

    The guy’s real cute though ! With Dimples n’all !
    You may see him now !

    Cute, No ?

  2.  “Pepsi black and white ” by Rachna R Shelar

    As if the guy is going to say that he likes pepsi more than that girl on his first date !
    Oh Come On , she’s pretty !

    You just can’t say no !
    Go grab a view of this pretty ad you people !

She’s cute isn’t she ?
Annachi approves of this !

  1. Last But not the least ( I’ve heard cliché works well with judges [ Shhhh… !!! ] )
    “ Thirst of the nation ” by Abhishek Kumar

    Very creative thought this is. It’s like one of those McVities ads. Real cute, small, hits the nail right on top of its head . Don’t you think ?
    You didn’t ? ( :O ) Watch it again.. Sh.. Watch.. wa. Watch it annachi !

And there goes my top FIVE !

Special congrats to the people who made

  • Real good this one was.. A better editing would have made this number 1.

  • I Liked this one a lot. But didn’t convey the idea much in the beginning.
    Should have used something better than a ball I guess. A VERY beautiful attempt though !

  • IDK I just liked it.

That’s all folks !
And BTW ANNACHI is a Tamil word okay ?
Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPL videos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda


All About Icky and Dumb Ads

Advertisement is an industry that has flourished to very high standards. We all love some advertisements and at the same time, we despise some too. Some ads annoy us while some ads are the best.  It’s a full-fledged business.
But not all these ads are worth dying for! Some ads drive us crazy. Like the following few:

•  Your body deodorant is not going to attract me. At least not Wild Stone. I have never forgotten myself and followed a guy blindly because of his fragrant deo. I am sure no one in their right minds did that. The ads aren’t not only illogical, they portray humans to be lustful animals with no brains.

Image courtesy:

• It’s a fairness cream ad. Not a magic show where you transform a crow into a crane. Really! What’s the deal with complexion?! Some people have a darker complexion than some others. That doesn’t have to change. You really don’t have to portray Dark to be Bad & Fair to be Good.

Don’t creep into people’s conscience and create a mayhem in there!

But Honestly, I really don’t mind them alright. It’s fun… to sit back… and judge ads.
I really would like to be a jingle-composer. Like Charlie Harper.
Don’t know ?
Two and a half men ?
Forgot ?
Never mind! Because there are complications in that job too. Phoebe taught us that.
Remember that episode where her so called friend steals her all-time ‘sucky’ favourite song The Smelly Cat?

Damn! I’m deviating from my topic.

Up Next,

• Harpic add :-

Le Me Trying to eat food and be cool

Le me putting on the TV

Le me see Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, and eating lunch watching the all time hit movie.

Everything is going good until the Harpic add comes in.

They zooming all worms. They Showing sick things. They making money. Me Puking here -_-

Such ads must be timed. Somehow, they manage to show the toilets exactly when I am eating and trust me it is not the same after the ad. Or, why not spare us the trouble and not show the dirty toilet? We know how dirty a toilet could get. We do. Just cut out the details.

I think ads are kind of cool. Especially those which has Ranbeer or Shahid in them ♥_♥
Advertisements are a nightmare dressed like a daydream ( You see what I did there? lol )
Some may suck and some may touch our hearts (like Deepika’s Vogue Empowerment thing , that was real cool man ! ) but anyhow, these things are going to stay with us for a while. I mean, forever 😛

We’re stuck with this art for life. And it’s going to be cool. Unless you come while I’m playing my YouTube video. Or while I’m watching my favorite show. Then you’re dead meat Mister ! 😀

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.

This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn’t end here… Even if you’re chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys? 😀

Ads – The Good & The Bad

My cousin and family came visiting from The US. After going around the city for a while, my cousin’s wife, who was born and brought up in US, asked me, “I have been seeing many hoardings around. Most of the Indians are dusky. But why are all the models fair? There is not a single dusky colored model. Are they ashamed of their color?” It is a question that we must ask ourselves. Are we ashamed of our color? I am not ashamed of my color. Some of my relatives are and of course, the ad film makers must be.

According to me, an ad shouldn’t be aired if it advocates a wrong message. For instance, Fairness cream ads. Some portray that only fair men get girls and vice versa, fair girls get the chance to interview, fair girls get the job, the girl says the speech well when she becomes fair, the girl stands against injustice only after she becomes fair. Aaaand the creams sell!

They don’t sell creams. They sell self confidence in tubes!

Funny story. People say, “Use Fair & Lovely. It is very effective. My uncle’s wife’s sister’s servant’s neighbour’s grand-daughter used it. She was as dark as coal. Now you must see her! She is like milk.” We are the comic puppets in the hands of fairness ad makers.

The hilarious moment is when the model’s face is shown several times, each time, with improved fairness. Shoop shoop shoop!

1. Shoop Shoop Shoop!

With each shoop, she becomes fairer and fairer until she shines bright like a diamond. They should have used that song too. Shine bright like a diamond… Shine bright like a diamond… The model just glows like a patronus!

2. The Ultimate Fair & Lovely Model

The fairness cream ads are purely selling our self confidence. When I am happy in my skin, someone comes and tells me,”Apply Fair and Lovely!”. That’s okay. When, on a daily basis people tell me that, my self confidence dips. That is when people buy the cream. They don’t sell creams. They sell self confidence in tubes.

An Ideal Ad

If you ask me, an ad, along with focusing on the brand, must also convey a good message. Or they could simply be heartwarming like the Oreo ads or for that matter most of the ads with children in them. Such ads remain in our hearts forever. Here is one such:

I’m sure you smiled when the child said, “I also go round and round”. There are some beautiful and subtle messages in here.

To start with, the bride is dusky complexioned damsel. It was a moment of wonder when I saw that! Dusky models are very rare. I have followed some ad agencies. Whenever they were in need of a model, being fair was a criteria.

There must be more ads like this. Do you know why? This is the first of its kind to break all stereotypes. As I said, the bride isn’t the glowing damsel thrown from heaven, she isn’t a graduate fresh out of college. She is a mother to a beautiful daughter. Second marriages aren’t new in our country. But considering the fact that widows were (and even now, in some places, are) said to bring bad luck, this ad shows that the mindset is changing.

She walks with her daughter up the pandhal, proudly, and sits for the rituals. When the child is fascinated by the rituals and wants to join in, she is shushed down. The handsome groom intervenes, and to take her ’round and round’. Some might say that, this happens only in movies. No. This happens in real life too. For those who can’t accept it, this is how it is supposed to happen. This is how a message is conveyed.

Before I sign off, I wanted to share another ad that has been making me smile. I watch this one from the beginning until the very end. Always. With a broad smile. You will know why.

Clearly, you got the message. 🙂

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.

This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn’t end here… Even if you’re chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys? 🙂

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