Some Worthy Buy I Made Online

My internet shopping finally paid off and I am the proud owner of some beautiful clothes.I thought I would share some details about the clothes I recently bought. I am dusky and hence I choose colors that most of the people could pull off. Hence, I am sure you would love my collection. ūüôā

Besiva Plain Black Net Sleeve Dress¬†– I am sure you all would have stalked this beauty online. Who doesn’t love Black? Who doesn’t love nets? I stalked this one¬†for a very long time¬†and finally¬†bought this dress. I must say that it is worth the money. Firstly, for the quality. They have interlocked every possible stitches. The material is super-stretchable and so holds onto your body snugly.
Secondly, for the fact that it is black, stretchable, it has got net sleeves and just about suits everyone. Black is universal. Or, as Nina Simone sang, Black is the color of my true love’s hair.
If you have been going back and forth between buying this and nor buying this, go for it. I will give you the size specifications too. If you are really slim with a bust size of 32, size XS will fit you. For a bust size of 34, size S and you can approximate it further.

Besiva Plain Black net sleeve dress. Click image to buy.

Site: Limeroad
Price: Rs.799
To visit site, click HERE¬†and type ‘Plain Black Dress with net sleeve’ in the search box.
Deal of the Day! You have a whopping Buy 1 Get 1 free on Limeroad today.

Gritstones High Neck Maroon Top – The brand Gritstones is gaining popularity day by day. I wouldn’t call this maroon. But dark red. It is a color that anyone could pull off and I have been wanting a turtle neck, long sleeve top which is not black (since I have too many blacks already). That was when I came across this classic color. Gritstones clothes are made with a high degree of craftsmanship.

It just enhances your curves and brings the beauty in you. Plus, it keeps you cozy.

Maroon high neck top

Site: Limeroad
Size details: As stated above, if you are thin with bust size 34, size M is what you would want.
For bust size 32, size S. And so on. I couldn’t concur with the sizes given in the site.
Price: Rs. 499
To visit site, click HERE¬†and type ‘Gritstones High Neck Maroon top’
Deal of the Day! You have a whopping Buy 1 Get 1 free on Limeroad today.

Other offers

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Do let me know about what are your likes and dislikes when it comes to online shopping. what was the best steal deal you got? ūüôā

PS – If there are any sizing issues, you can always return the products or get another size in exchange. Please read the respective site’s return policies. ūüôā

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