Best Lingerie Picks For The Modern Woman

Probably 10 years back, the term ‘lingerie’ wasn’t as popular in India as it is now. The women these days aren’t the same as the women 10 years back. They have become more independent, comfident and most importantly, they have learnt to listen to their needs. Earlier, buying a bra involved simply buying either white, black or cream. The same one was used whether you wore a salwar kameez, saree or tops. Now, the scenario has changed. With the fashion industry booming with new designs everyday, the variety in lingerie sector has also increased. It has become more customized and perfection has been attained. So, here are the best lingerie options for the modern, bold and beautiful you/your girlfriend:


They give you 3 main factors – Support, comfort and fashion. Simply search the internet and you will find some beautiful colors and designs that the brand showcases. While this is their motto, they cater to various needs of modern women. That is how they came up with five segments namely, Everyday support, blush, swish, full figure and essentials. Everyday support is for daily use and so focuses more on comfort rather than fashion. Blush and swish are the ones you should go for if you’re looking for the sexy, trendy lingeries. They also focus on keeping the prices reasonable.

Pretty secrets:

What started off as a nightwear boutique in Mumbai, Pretty secrets soared once they launched their collections online. They come in 3 main categories – Snug-sexy, comfy fit and allure seamless. This is all about the purpose of your purchasing the lingerie – fashion, comfort or both. Once you decide on that, under each of these categories, you have a wide range of lingerie types. Whether it is nightdress, hipster set, bikini set or name it! They have the entire lingerie section under control.


They have been flourishing the lingerie sector for about 3 decades There is a kind of uniqueness in their design and methods. Firstly, they haven’t made up fancy named segments. Which in itself says that they give us something different. If you happen to visit their sites, you will see that they have simply categorised their lingeries on teh basis of the style, purpose, type of fabric and price. You can choose combinations of whichever you want. If you’re looking for a sexy, fulfilling lingerie, any of the brands could help. But if you are looking for other factors, you can simply ‘tick’ your specifications and lo and behold! You will get what you are looking for. They haven’t compromised on style and design either.

For the modern women, who exactly knows what she wants, these three brands would suffice to choose from. For they all focus on style, comfort, design, ease and that tangy flavour that you all look out for. They know what you want. All you need to do is to choose. 🙂


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