Images That Scream at You

I came across this post by Scoopwhoop. Some of them were so hard-hitting that I had to share it here.

1. Seat Belt Prejudice – This is something I have always wondered. People emphasize on wearing the front seat belts, but not the ones in the back. As a child I used to think  that the passengers in the back wouldn’t get hurt. But I grew up to hear many incidents where all the four passengers died due to accident. What caused this kind of importance to the front passengers alone?

Why do people in the front seats panic seeing the cops and fasten their seat-belts while the ones behind are never bothered?

This image sends the message loud and clear

This in fact, sends the wrong message to the young generation. They get too used to the idea that seat belts aren’t necessary for the passengers at the back.

My Solution: Only if the cops check, do people fasten their seat belt. Why not check the seat belts of the ones behind too? For those who know how dangerous this is, ensure that everyone in the car knows it too.

2. Domestic Violence – I don’t have to explain this one. Domestic violence is very much prevalent in India. I believe most of it has to do with the latent male chauvinistic attitude that prevails in the ‘traditions’ of the country. I wouldn’t blame the men alone. Women are equally responsible when they advocate the theory of ‘ideal women’ from their rule books. The conclusion goes thus, “She gets her fair share from him because of so and so reasons.” The so and so reasons will be going against their ‘Ideal woman’ rule book.

He sure does

If she doesn’t listen to you or if she talks back, give her ek thappad!

On a happier note, I have come across couples who do not fall under this category. Men who never answer with violence. My neighbour is an example and I must admit that they make a lovely couple. And that gives me a lot of hope for a better India. 🙂

My Solution: Begin with the next generation. We can only do so much by ads, campaigns, articles, news and preaching. The change should begin from within. Children are easier to convince. Parents and teachers are their world and influence. By showing the right path in schools, a huge portion of our country gets the idea. While, taking classes in rural areas about how women aren’t drum rolls would cover another portion.

3. Usage of Paper – I worked in a well known Company for a while and all the time, I noticed the excessive use of paper – for documenting, for toilets, for washrooms etc. Daily, a huge amount of paper is used up or rather wasted by people. I myself had to take cartloads of print. Before long, my 3 draws were filled with the printouts. During one of the security audits, I was told that I had to shred the unnecessary documents and that was when I began to think.

All those papers were single sided because the work demanded it. I had to shred them all. I don’t know if they would be reused. But I personally was destroying trees. All of us were. Thinking about the umpteen branches all over the world, I couldn’t fathom the amount of papers that would be shredded.

My solution: Why not do the work on computers now that everything has been computerised? I agree some jobs still requires usage of paper. But most of it does not. In the Board’s report, along with the report on technology and energy consumption, they should also account for usage of paper and similar resources.

4. Censoring in Media – I remember a streetplay that was staged by my friends during the CA students’ cultural event in Kochi. They had brought back The Ramayana to the age of media. They had a well thought of series of events alternating between the scenes in Ramayana and how the media covered the story. To sum it up, the entire story as we know it, was boomeranged at Ram by a politically influential Ravana.

We as the citizens don’t need bits and pieces. We don’t want mutilated stories. We don’t want tampered rumours. We want the truth. If the truth is half hidden, it looks more grotesque than untruth.

Pretty much like this;

Had this been an image of strangers, 50% would believe in one thing and a 50% would believe something else. The media has the power to influence the 50% to believe their version of the story.

My solution: Shun masala! Shun any unnecessary story that the media feeds you. Realize that you are just a puppet in their hands. Don’t be one. Maria Sharapova not knowing Sachin Tendulkar is not of any meaning to you. Why should that be on the front page while the rapes are on the 3rd page bottom right?
Don’t swallow what they shove down your throat. Don’t let them twist the facts. Don’t let them avert your attention. Don’t accept anything without skepticism.

5. Texting while driving – Life is not a novel that ends with conclusions. Rather, it ends abruptly, in the middle of a sentence. But it is way too precious to end like this.

That was loud enough I believe. You know the solution.

6. Animal Abuse –

I know a family that has a dog. The man is barely sober. Whenever he is high on liquor, he goes to the dog that greets him with so much of love, and hits the poor thing. He takes the dog’s tiny head in his fist and grates him against the ground like a vegetable against the grater. What do I say?

The worst thing that happened to the Earth was Human beings.

My Solution : Spread awareness against animal abuse. Ask children not to pelt stones at them. There are multiple animal shelters cropping up. Get the number from google, call them up if you find stray animals. For the ones in Kochi, kindly check the site of The KARMMA Here. I have personally witnessed a couple of their activities. You can either contribute by lending your hand or some funds. Their office is opposite Oberon Mall, Kochi.

The article I mentioned initially talks about 40 different issues of which I have enumerated only six. A change cannot happen overnight. But it would happen overtime. The best way to begin is by creating awareness in the younger generation. Let them be free thinkers. Do not bind them with our notions. Let us not make them think like us.

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At the dawn of love, did they part.

Ever felt a tug when you met a stranger? A weird feeling of not wanting to talk, but a weirder feeling never wanting to move away?

My poem about 2 strangers who met and read on…

A Few Handpicked Things in Life

She- a wanderer, from moor to meadows,
ocean to land, and woods to willows,
-sat by the woods, thinking of those faces,
that have walked past her & left no traces.

A handful of faces, stayed forever in her heart.
Some came, left & came again for their part.
Some left to never look back,
others stayed & played the sly jack.

A fellow wanderer walked in & sat beside her.
Not a glimpse she took, at that stranger.
They sat there watching the day turn black.
He got up & walked into the dark.

He walked in again at the break of dawn.
She peeked at his mask that resembled a fawn.
She wondered what lay behind his mask,
the truth or a lie!? – It’s a tough task!

They sat silent all day, fearing each other’s masks.
At the brink of dusk he left for his tasks.

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Some Worthy Buy I Made Online

My internet shopping finally paid off and I am the proud owner of some beautiful clothes.I thought I would share some details about the clothes I recently bought. I am dusky and hence I choose colors that most of the people could pull off. Hence, I am sure you would love my collection. 🙂

Besiva Plain Black Net Sleeve Dress – I am sure you all would have stalked this beauty online. Who doesn’t love Black? Who doesn’t love nets? I stalked this one for a very long time and finally bought this dress. I must say that it is worth the money. Firstly, for the quality. They have interlocked every possible stitches. The material is super-stretchable and so holds onto your body snugly.
Secondly, for the fact that it is black, stretchable, it has got net sleeves and just about suits everyone. Black is universal. Or, as Nina Simone sang, Black is the color of my true love’s hair.
If you have been going back and forth between buying this and nor buying this, go for it. I will give you the size specifications too. If you are really slim with a bust size of 32, size XS will fit you. For a bust size of 34, size S and you can approximate it further.

Besiva Plain Black net sleeve dress. Click image to buy.

Site: Limeroad
Price: Rs.799
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Gritstones High Neck Maroon Top – The brand Gritstones is gaining popularity day by day. I wouldn’t call this maroon. But dark red. It is a color that anyone could pull off and I have been wanting a turtle neck, long sleeve top which is not black (since I have too many blacks already). That was when I came across this classic color. Gritstones clothes are made with a high degree of craftsmanship.

It just enhances your curves and brings the beauty in you. Plus, it keeps you cozy.

Maroon high neck top

Site: Limeroad
Size details: As stated above, if you are thin with bust size 34, size M is what you would want.
For bust size 32, size S. And so on. I couldn’t concur with the sizes given in the site.
Price: Rs. 499
To visit site, click HERE and type ‘Gritstones High Neck Maroon top’
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Do let me know about what are your likes and dislikes when it comes to online shopping. what was the best steal deal you got? 🙂

PS – If there are any sizing issues, you can always return the products or get another size in exchange. Please read the respective site’s return policies. 🙂

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My 5 Mantras to De-stress

Here I am after a day worth of studies, attending to my blog. Most of you would accept that blogging is a way of de-stressing. It is always so for me.


Stress has become an important part of our lives. I mean, if one is not stressed, he/she is stagnant in life or he/she is a yogi. From school going children to old people, all are stressed. Meditating is not a universal solution. People are looking for methods of de-stressing without wasting much time. I am that kind of a person, and so, here is how I de-stress.

  1. Deep Breathing – No. You don’t have to keep any time aside for this. It is said that our life span is based on the number of breaths we take. The longer the breathing, the longer we live.Have you noticed that you take deep breathes when you are happy and faster, short breaths when you are sad, angry, down or in any negative state of mind?If you are at office and feel stressed, continue working. Continue your breathing too, but with longer, deeper breaths. Do it at least up to 20 counts or as long as you can. Since 90% of our body consists of air, this really helps you de-stress. This is my first resort when I’m stressed. You may use this even when you’re upset or angry or tensed. 🙂
  2. Listening to Music – It is well known that music as healing powers. It also has soothing powers. I study a lot since I’m doing CA. Some times I get so tensed and stressed out that I find myself unable to focus. My head gets buzzing with lots of thoughts, my fears, what ifs, whys, and hows and my head gets all heated up. One such time, I decided to listen to a song. Since my phone is loaded with melodies, I played one among them and trust me! By the end of the song, I was automatically taking deep breaths.You need not listen to meditative music. Just take out your playlist and play any of the songs you like. Not songs that remind you of sad things. I say this because I have songs that trigger sad memories. So, keep them aside and listen to any other. You will know what I mean.
  3. Watching Sitcoms/Movies – Another easy way to de-stress. I would give preference to sitcoms because, a single episode takes just 20 minutes. Within this time, you would definitely be de-stressed. I watch them all the time, even now, whenever I feel stressed. For those who haven’t tried them, watch Friends or HIMYM for starters. For those who have tried them, let me know if you find anything as good as those ever again. :PJokes apart, there are plenty of Sitcoms available. And every friends circle has the ‘sitcom genius’. Just find your sitcom genius and ask him/her which would be the de-stressing sitcom that you could watch. For those who don’t like sitcom, go for not-so-serious movies. 🙂
  4. Move Your Body – I would have named this point as ‘Exercise’. But, I didn’t want you to click the ‘x’ button on the top right corner. Because, taking 20 push-ups and 30 crunches!? No! That isn’t what I’m talking about.
    If you’re a little bit exercise friendly, jogging in the room, doing slight rhythmic movements, aerobics etc is what I meant. Just let yourself loose.
    If you’re not exercise friendly, just close the doors, play a song and move. You need not know how to dance. Just flail your arms and try things with your legs. A few tumkas and jhatkas. You have no idea how free you feel seeing yourself loosen up before the mirror. I do all kinds of crazy stuff before the mirror and soon find myself laughing away. 😉
    Show your crazy side to yourself. You will feel good and of course! de-stressed.
  5. Travel – There is nothing like a cool breeze on the face, kissing your cheeks and caressing your hair. Sometimes, I get out of my home sad and depressed. But once I’m on my bike, I feel better. The soaring feeling takes away all the blue. To top it all, if you know a naturally beautiful place like a wood, hill, field or  a riverside nearby, just go there, sit for a while and spend some time with the nature. You will definitely feel good about yourself.

These are the five main things I do to de-stress myself. These tips can be used by anyone at any point of time. In addition to this, there are a few more de-stressing methods which may not work well on all. In my case, some work well and some don’t. For some, I don’t have the time. Anyhow, I’ll list them here:

  • Eating chocolates, pizzas or any favorite food.
  • Reading books help me once in a while, but not when I am highly stressed.
  • Staying away from internet and phone for 2 hours every day. I do that during study holidays and I am considering doing it for a whole day in a week. Phone and internet consume a lot of our time and energy.
  • Writing down what makes me stressed. Writing helps me a lot. It helps me de-clutter my head and think clear. Most of the times, too many things in head causes stress. For those who have the habit of keeping diary, try writing down your feelings when you are stressed.

This is not an exhaustive list. People resort to different methods to make their lives stress-free. If you have any simple and fast way to de-stress, do share your methods in the comments. The best comment will win vouchers from 🙂


I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda

17 Dining Mistakes You Might Be Making

Being an Indian, I prefer eating with my hands since I get a deep sense of satisfaction and it is simply convenient. However, I knew that at some point of time I will have to learn the dining etiquette. I tried a couple of times and then gave up since it was too time consuming until…

…I was seated on a table with some important people and I had no idea about what I had to do. Thankfully, I survived through the meal without embarrassing myself and tried my best to keep myself updated with the dining etiquette.


I did not prepare this list. I found it online and since I am well aware of many people like me, I thought of sharing it here.

CLICK HERE to read the 17 Dining Mistakes We Might Be Making. 🙂

Best Lingerie Picks For The Modern Woman

Probably 10 years back, the term ‘lingerie’ wasn’t as popular in India as it is now. The women these days aren’t the same as the women 10 years back. They have become more independent, comfident and most importantly, they have learnt to listen to their needs. Earlier, buying a bra involved simply buying either white, black or cream. The same one was used whether you wore a salwar kameez, saree or tops. Now, the scenario has changed. With the fashion industry booming with new designs everyday, the variety in lingerie sector has also increased. It has become more customized and perfection has been attained. So, here are the best lingerie options for the modern, bold and beautiful you/your girlfriend:


They give you 3 main factors – Support, comfort and fashion. Simply search the internet and you will find some beautiful colors and designs that the brand showcases. While this is their motto, they cater to various needs of modern women. That is how they came up with five segments namely, Everyday support, blush, swish, full figure and essentials. Everyday support is for daily use and so focuses more on comfort rather than fashion. Blush and swish are the ones you should go for if you’re looking for the sexy, trendy lingeries. They also focus on keeping the prices reasonable.

Pretty secrets:

What started off as a nightwear boutique in Mumbai, Pretty secrets soared once they launched their collections online. They come in 3 main categories – Snug-sexy, comfy fit and allure seamless. This is all about the purpose of your purchasing the lingerie – fashion, comfort or both. Once you decide on that, under each of these categories, you have a wide range of lingerie types. Whether it is nightdress, hipster set, bikini set or name it! They have the entire lingerie section under control.


They have been flourishing the lingerie sector for about 3 decades There is a kind of uniqueness in their design and methods. Firstly, they haven’t made up fancy named segments. Which in itself says that they give us something different. If you happen to visit their sites, you will see that they have simply categorised their lingeries on teh basis of the style, purpose, type of fabric and price. You can choose combinations of whichever you want. If you’re looking for a sexy, fulfilling lingerie, any of the brands could help. But if you are looking for other factors, you can simply ‘tick’ your specifications and lo and behold! You will get what you are looking for. They haven’t compromised on style and design either.

For the modern women, who exactly knows what she wants, these three brands would suffice to choose from. For they all focus on style, comfort, design, ease and that tangy flavour that you all look out for. They know what you want. All you need to do is to choose. 🙂