To My Parents

Dear Amma,

I know I am supposed to write to parents. But I know you need it more. You know how we worship you. And you know you are the Superwoman model – THE Supermom! I have already glorified you HERE. But it is never too much when it comes to extolling our mom.

Do you know what makes you different?

  • You trust me blindly. That trust makes me think twice before I do anything.
  • You don’t believe that a girl belongs in the kitchen. But you manage to interest me in cooking anyway.
  • I never wanted to be a housewife. I wanted to earn like you. But you told me once, that your ambition was to become an exclusive house-wife. Yet, you loved your work at office. I couldn’t help but wonder how flexible you are.
  • You said a ‘No’ to us only when it was really necessary. Your ‘No’ is rare & seldom heard. The word is so valuable that I accept it without questioning.
  • Your food is the best (Of course! Ammamma’s is too :D).
  • Your ability to multi-task, to find missing stuff, to repair anything, to touch me & say what ailment I have etc are few of your super-human powers. And they are never ending.
  • Your hug, your kiss & your lap is irreplacable though I am really bad at reciprocating the same. (Sorry about that šŸ˜¦ )
  • The most important one – You are proud about your girls. You don’t regret ‘Not having a son’. When people these days worry about daughters’ marriage & how they will be relieved once the liability is over, such things don’t bother you.

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Or let me put it this way, at times you get worried. The same worry that bothers every Indian parent who has a daughter – her marriage, finding the right groom, the expense, the dowry (which is given in the disguise of religiousĀ rituals) – worries you too. But you don’t ever show it. If you ever read this letter, I would like you to know that marriage is the last thing on my mind. And even if it happens some day, that day will come only after I get my job & become self sufficient. So there is no room for worry now & there wouldn’t be any room for worry then.

About your other motherly worries, you have done well. You have done your best. Stop worrying now & hop on to my Lavy (Lavender pleasure). Let us go on a ride. Like how you used to take me to music lessons, bal vikas classes, tuitions & shopping in your Scooty, let me take you around the city. And when you suddenly point out at something, I’ll stop and buy that for you.


This post is a part of a Letter writing challenge. A letter a day for 30 days. You can read the others from HERE.


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