To My Dreams

Dear Dreams,

Was this a coincidence? That I had to write to you today? During the dusk of my life, you slowly peeped like the twinkling stars. Shy at first, smiling later. You shone bright soon & winked at me. You reappeared every single night after. Soon making a place for yourself in my heart. Every evening you flew into my skies like someone had released a box of floating milkweeds. While I was lost in your beauty & aspired to have you. Make you mine.

Little did I know that you weren’t as close as you seemed. There were many hurdles between us. The distance being the first one. I waited, I began the slow walk to your universe. Days, months & years passed. Through the freezing winters & scorching summers I walked. I waded through the floods and swam the oceans & finally reached the gates.

Then came the final challenge. I had to climb those tall, huge iron gates to reach you. Every time I fell I had to start from the beginning. From the bottom. Why would I fall, you ask?
Oh! didn’t I tell you? Those huge iron gates cause blisters in my hands. The iron is red hot, branding my palms with the cruel thick lines & lining my face with marks of toil & turmoil. Many manage to climb those and get across. And I believe I will too, some day.


After all, those marks & burns make me stronger with time. And it is time for me to prepare for another of those climbing games. No huge gates, burning iron rods or time can stop me. Soon, I’ll reach you. It is just a matter of the gate.

A Dreamer


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