To my Best Friend

Dear ASB,

This would be our 8th year of friendship. First, we disliked each other. Then, you joined our group. The four of us – The LARKs (Lee, You, Me, Kra) – ruled the place. We did weird stuff. A BCom, an MPC, a BA & a Home Science went out for combined study. You people forced me to go for movies every Sunday afternoon. We ate weird but yummy dishes that Kra prepared. She was one hell of a cook. Remember the mixture she made using channa curry & cheese-lings!?
We secretly opened the terrace that we weren’t allowed to go to. We crawled there and sat under cover, made that milkmaid & fruits mixture – which of course! was your idea :D!


When Kra was swept away by other friends, the 3 of us fought with her saying she belonged to our group first. All other friendship had to be secondary. We were sad to leave college though none of us expressed it. We promised to stay together. The four of us were given farewell party by the sweet juniors who loved us. Our names were carved upon the mighty water tank. 😛

After all these years, I am still honored to have your friendship. I get to meet you once in a while & I thank God for that. No one has ever managed to get as close to me as you did. I have never told you, but those meetings have kept me going.

There is one important thing about this letter. I don’t know if I have told you. But many years back, in Kulwant Hall, we signed a friendship contract. I don’t remember how or why, but you were missing that day. And till today, it has not been signed by you. Whenever I saw this in my purse, I thought I should ask you to sign it the next time we met. Every single time, I forgot. But guess what? leave it. Every contract needn’t be complete. Though it was a funny thing to do & there is nothing serious about it, some things are better left incomplete.


Not much of a contract is it? 😀


Never mind that ‘Yes’. There are many stories.

Your sign was spread through all these years of our friendship. Through your words, actions, calls, texts, visits, meet ups & what not. That is more important. Love you dear. And I love your Vicks mittayi chiri. 😀 (The smile that looks like a Vicks symbol)

This post is a part of a Letter writing challenge. A letter a day for 30 days. You can read the others from HERE.


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