Do you have a reputation?

What a lovely way of starting an off-mask blog! This question was put to all by and though it was for the 17th of Jan, all the same I take it up today. You will know why. 😉

Ask google what reputation is and you will get the answer as ‘the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.’ So, to answer the question, Yes I do have a reputation. Or rather I have reputations.

What is it? (You mean what are they?)

To begin with I am not a punctual person. I am not bragging about it. But since my childhood, circumstances made me that way. I hated being late to school. I hated all the scoldings & the mocking looks I used to get from my teachers & friends. But it was not in my hands. I had my reasons for being late that I refused to disclose. And I grew up to be the young lady who was always late. She came half an hour after her classes began or after the office hours began. She was so punctual in being late that her friends could tell the time when they saw her. If the office began at 9.00 am, she’d walk in after a while and they knew it must be 10.00 am. So did her classmates know that it was 8.00 am when she entered the class which had begun at 7.30 am. Yes, I am punctual in my own way & am proud of that. I have a reputation of running punctually late 😉

My friends would be sure of getting a birthday wish from me every year. They can be sure of their gifts too. Probably a month or two after their birthdays. They have learnt to accept it & I am grateful for that. 

I have a reputation for being the fun loving, weird, unpredictable, rebel I am. I have the reputation of being in the center of every prank that has ever happened within a hundred meters of my radius. I have a reputation for being among the most thick-skinned people ever found.

I have a reputation of being a not so bad writer & I love it. I absolutely love it. I do not know if this post is screaming out ‘I am boasting/bragging’, but this is approximately all the reputation I have earned so far.

Where did they come from?  

 I mentioned about my punctuality. Will write in detail sometime. The rest came from the person I am. The reputation or the feedback I get is more than enough for me to know what I am in others eyes.

Is it accurate?

Yes, most of them are. Except the thick-skinned part. Over the years, experiences did thicken the skin. But mostly it’s all a facade. Peel off the outermost thickest part of the skin & you will find the most vulnerable, soft, reserved, timid thing that you would ever come across in the near future. You’ll know, that reputation is inaccurate. Very much! That doesn’t mean that I am easy within.

What do you think about it?

Does it matter what I think about it? The reputation is made. However, if it’s about whether I feel good or bad about it, I do not feel bad. I like being in any kind of situations. I may squirm or scream, cry or make a fuss, face it like it doesn’t affect me, ultimately I know that the butterfly has to emerge out of the cocoon. So why would I feel bad? 🙂